A social platform for the enterprise

Cisco WebEx Social

Time: 2009 - 2013     Role: Visual designer      

Cisco WebEx Social (formerly Cisco Quad) is an enterprise collaboration platform that combines the power of social networking, content creation, and real-time communications. Employees can quickly connect with their coworkers and resources they need to get work done. Valuable knowledge is shared across the organization and captured in one highly secure, centralized location. 


The product looked dated so the team was tasked to redesign the entire product. I was a visual designer who worked with an interaction designer to help improve the look and feel of the product while maintaining a 

The Landscape

A people-oriented technology movement (Web 2.0)

During this time (2009-2013), the industry was going through the Web 2.0 movement, aka Social Web, which was a people-oriented technology movement. Ease of use, social features, collaboration, fast-loading applications, interactivity, quick development times and real-time updates were all major trends.

The Goal

To bring social media into the grown-up world

Cisco developed WebEx Social because there was a need to provide integration between social networking with enterprise-level security and legal compliances. It was time to bring social media into the grown-up world. WebEx Social transforms the idea of social network systems from being a fun tool to stay in touch with family and friends to a cutting edge business tool to aid communication and productivity.

My Goal

I was tasked to redesign this entire product from a stylistic perspective while referencing the new Cisco rebrand.


My View

A customizable homepage to suit your needs. Subscribe to content sources and manage your workflow. 

Profile Page

Allow people to know about you and your interests. Find and stay connected with your network of contacts.

Search Results

Cisco Brand Guidelines

In 2010, Cisco went through a rebrand. We partnered with Tolleson design and introduced a custom Cisco font, designed by Erik Spiekermann.

The Cisco rebrand was beautifully executed. However, we now had to figure out how to apply this rebrand to a user interface.


Cisco Archetypes

Cisco had an interaction design library for commonly used patterns. This helped keep different products aligned wherever possible. 

Interaction design

This is an example of a wireframe for the Search Results page. 

Final Designs

I was responsible for applying the visual design for the following pages. I worked with an interaction designer.

People Tab

Profile Page

Communities Tab

Communities Pages Setup

My Library Tab / Images

My Library Tab / Posts

Search Results Page

Control Panel