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Streamline communication and enhance productivity by integrating presence, instant messaging, voice, video, and web conferencing onto any device. 

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Cisco Jabber

Time: 2009 - 2013     Role: Visual designer      

Cisco Jabber is an all-in-one office communication tool that integrates instant messaging (IM), voice, video, voice messaging, desktop sharing, and conferencing. Now you can find the right people, see if and how they are available, and collaborate using your preferred method.

As the lead visual designer for the cross-platform Jabber team, I was responsible for coming up with a consistent UI design system across iOS and Android without breaking native interactions. This was also Cisco's very first Android app so there weren't many native patterns to leverage.

The Problem

Product family doesn't look like family

Cisco Jabber is a family of software clients that allows a user to easily access capabilities for voice and video calls, provides a contact directory with presence information for colleagues, and includes tools for instant messaging (IM), voice messaging, desktop sharing, and conferencing. 

Cisco Jabber had a diverse portfolio that met the needs of different workspaces. However, they all looked different and didn't look like they came from the same family. 


Jabber Mobile Clients

I was on the mobile clients team and this is what the mobile counterparts looked like. The idea was to combine the IM (instant messenger) and voice apps together into a single app for iPhone, iPad, and Android.

  • Cisco Jabber for iPhone

  • Cisco Jabber IM for iPhone

  • Cisco Jabber for iPad

  • Cisco Jabber for Android

  • Cisco Jabber IM for Android

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The Process

Project Goals

  • Combine the functionality of two existing Jabber apps: Jabber IM & Jabber Voice into a new full-featured Jabber app.

  • Align the Jabber brand across different platforms (iOS and Android)

  • Come up with the first Android native app at Cisco


The primary driver was keeping the in-call experience the same, as this was the most likely crossover experience with desk phones, in-room conference systems, etc.


Cisco Archetypes


Cisco had an interaction design library for commonly used patterns. That we leveraged as much as possible.


Jabber Wireframes

I worked with an interaction designer from the early conceptual stages to final wireframes.


Cisco's brand guidelines

In 2010, Cisco went through a rebrand. We partnered with Tolleson design and introduced a custom Cisco font, designed by Erik Spiekermann.

The Cisco rebrand was beautifully executed. However, we now had to figure out how to apply this rebrand to a user interface – specifically for mobile.

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Screen Shot 2020-04-30 at 10.54.28
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Final Designs

Jabber for Android

I was responsible for establishing the look and feel for Cisco's first android native app.


Jabber for iPhone

I also designed the visual treatment for iPhone and kept it consistent with it's Android counterpart wherever possible.


Jabber for iPad

The designs for the iPad app was done by a team in Shanghai. I oversaw the work of two visual designers for this app to ensure a consistent look between the mobile counterparts.